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Your Autumn cottage garden

by Jules

I’m using this COVID 19 lockdown time to blog and potter in the garden. It’s great for your wellbeing and there are so many little jobs in Autumn. Our gardens will be looking lovely by the end of this time!

Firstly I’m pulling out any little weeds which have grown through the mulch layer and removing any obviously dead plants from the summer heat.

Beautiful fragrant stocks and alyssum can self seed so let them hang in their and drop their little seeds into the soil so you may have some volunteer flowers pickup growth the next year.

Hydrandea can also be trimmed back towards the end of Autumn and it’s a good time to do a light trim of your roses too.

Continue to shape any pleached trees and shaped shrubs such as port wine magnolia, pittosporum balls, buxus hedging, vibernium and don’t forget to deadhead lavenders.


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